Selmer Advantage

The Selmer difference.. 

Put a brand new Buffet Prestige low C bass clarinet next to a new Selmer Privilege low c in the same room and prepare a comparison. Use the same air support, open up and give it all you got. What are some of the differences? There is most definitely a focused, dark resonance in the Buffet and more of a fat sounding ring to the Selmer. However in my opinion the Selmer difference is you can fly over the keys and not feel any inhibition. What is the difference you feel? I know that so many folks are opinionated one way or another, but for the work I do as a performing artist (with so many different expectations) Selmer gives me the push I need when playing in various jazz ensembles, (blending with saxophones and amplified instruments) and that certain je ne sais quoi that my friends in the orchestra can't quite put their finger on. So what is it? I think an instrument should allow you to express your inner most musical feelings without inhibition and of course we are also looking for precision and accuracy. Oh yes and intonation! Because of its chamber and design, I can get a wide palette of timbral nuance, volume and pitch. 

I've always felt this way about Selmer clarinets and its why I'm so excited to endorse their beautiful bass clarinets. 

Can you feel the Selmer difference? I was inspired to write this while hanging out with my friend Joe at Virtuosity Music in Boston who also plays with me in the Claflin Hill Orchestra. They gave us a room and we put many instruments side by side, but the main attraction was to see the differences between the Selmer and Buffet instruments that we had side by side. I also added my Selmer Paris 35 low E flat to the mix. What we discovered is really informative and why I decided to write this blog. I am not familiar with design specifications, but the sound and the feel was much different.