Constant motion

Sometimes you just cant practice enough because life encourages you to stay vigilant, meet new folks and seek out new opportunity. We live in a community where we really do depend on one another, for friendship, information, services, you name it. So I moved around a lot today, had a great rehearsal with Paul,  wished my sister a happy birthday (wish I could in person), revised some advertising, met new folks, networked, helped a friend, taught a lesson. The family time at the end was the best.
       The incredible Dave Maxwell show at the Vortex has happened and it is on to the next event. I just keep thinking about the next album...let's see a Vortex album? A Circadian Rhythm Kings album? I know John M was real happy about the other night's performance and thanks to our good friend recording engineer David Lee, we have a first class audio recording of last Friday's Vortex what?
       It was real nice that my friend Daniel Bennett plugged the Vortex in his John Garelick interview in the Phoenix the other day. You can refer to the full article
here. It' time to start planning the Vortex Other Dimension Festival for July 22, Esther and I will be sitting down on Tuesday to start mapping that out. We are planning on having master classes on improvisation during the day and hopefully take advantage of some of the acitivities at the YMCA that day as well. That night, short performances, 20 minutes on, 10 minutes set up time for the next group and there you have it.