Clarinetist, saxophonist, woodwind doubler, educator, arranger.

-'tremendous virtuosity and heart' The Boston Globe

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Tom Casale's No Bad Parts

Released November 15, 2022

Todd Brunel Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
John McKenna Tenor saxophone, flute, Resonant Structure sound sculpture, and eurorack modular synthesizers
David Brown Jaw Harp, Didgeridoo, Bird Calls, and Percussion
Tom Casale - Upright Bass
Jim Nordhill Drum Set and Percussion
Tom White Rain Stick (Track #7)
Kara Casale - Intro Track #9
Eva Casale - Intro Track #5
Waffles and Ozzie - Dog Moments

Recorded By Steve Rizzo at Stable Sound May 8th and June 21st 2022
Art Work by Amelie Archambault
Album Design by Amy Archambault and Tom Casale
All Compositions written by Tom Casale

Know Orchestra: Two new releases, Knock Knock and Now Now, feature the compositions of Dan Shaud and they hit home in a a truly unique way. To categorize this music as jazz or classical or singer songwriter is not enough.  This music packs a punch, wild and free and yet beautifully sculpted and serene. These cross genre songs are a MUST listen and reflect life and loss, recovery, love and a kind of healing light that comes from deep reflection. These digital releases feature: Dan Shaud on piano, vocals and French horn, Ima Jonsdottir on violin and vocals, Valerie Thompson on cello and vocals, Gary Fieldman percussion and Todd Brunel on clarinets and alto saxophone. 

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